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Local Wine Dinner

Local Wine Dinner

Join the Smith Family & Luci Staff in hosting Sandra Jean of Sandra Jean Herbal Specialities of Maple Lake, MN near the end of September at Luci Ancora Enjoy organic, locally raised Produce, Eggs, and Cornish Hens raised by Sandra Jean along with apples grown by Patrick & Wendy of Breezy Hill Orchards Our veteran(…)

August Visit to Breezy Hill Orchard & Sandra Jean’s Farm

Sunday was the perfect day for harvesting vegetables, and we couldn’t have asked for more when given the opportunity to eat any and all “defective” tomatoes. Any split tomatoes were ours for the tasting and we were grateful for the chance to enjoy them under the sunny, Minnesota sky.While organizing our Sunday volunteer time &(…)

Our Story

The story of Luci Ancora & Ristorante Luci is a romantic one, as all good Italian stories are. With a passion for food and wine, cultivated by the experience of living in and around Naples, Italy, the Smith Family began their coincidental culinary and viticulture education when Kennedy was in office. It was the 1960’s.(…)